SecureRights and its network partners may choose to electronically deliver all information related to its services and your requests. SecureRights and its network partnersí electronic communications to you may transmit or convey information about action taken on your request, portions of your request that may be incomplete or require additional explanation, any notices required under applicable law, which may include any Federal Truth-in-Lending disclosures, State disclosures, other terms, conditions and documents, and the privacy policies of SecureRights, Lenders and its network partners.

You agree to receive all current and future notices, disclosures, communications and information, and to do business electronically with SecureRights and its network partners. This means that SecureRights and its network partners may communicate with you by sending a message to the email address you provided or at another address that may be associated with you that we receive from our network partners or other parties. You agree that you meet the below technical requirements and are able to access and retain copies of notices and information sent or made available electronically.

Technical Requirements

To access and retain information and notices we send or make available to you electronically, you will need:

Internet access with 128-bit encryption
Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or higher
Ability to Print Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Netscape 8.04 and above (Use in IE mode)
Email Access or Firefox version 1.5

You have the right to receive any document in non-electronic form and to withdraw your consent to electronic delivery at any time by contacting SecureRights Customer Service at (866) 903-1593 or by contacting SecureRights at https://securerights.org/contact.html.